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  • The Wizard Of Oz - The First Five Novels

    Baum,L. Frank

    The Wizard of Oz: The First Five Novels is one of Barnes & Noble's Collectible Editions classics. Each volume features authoritative texts by the world's greatest authors in an exquisitely designed bonded-leather binding, with distinctive gilt edging...

  • Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

    Wizards Rpg Team

    Explore subterranean labyrinths! Plunder hoards of treasure! Battle legendary monsters! The Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is your gateway to action-packed stories of the imagination. This box contains the essential rules of the game plus everything...

  • Player's Handbook

    Wizards Rpg Team

    The Player s Handbook is the essential reference for every Dungeons & Dragons roleplayer. It contains rules for character creation and advancement, backgrounds and skills, exploration and combat, equipment, spells, and much more. The first of three...

  • Wizard of the Grove


    Two fantasy novels relate the adventures of Crystal, a daughter of Power and the last wizard in a land terrified of wizards, who is the only hope to put an end to an epic struggle between humans and the forces of magic

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  • The Wizards Of Once


    In the first book of a new series by the internationally bestselling author of How to Train Your Dragon, the warring worlds of Wizards and Warriors collide in a thrilling and enchanting adventure. Once there were Wizards, who were Magic, and...

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  • Wizard of Oz

    Baum, L. Frank; Santore,Charles

    Dorothy and her dog Toto experience amazing adventures as they journey to the Emerald City in search of the famous Wizard of Oz

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  • Wizard of Oz

    Baum, L. Frank; McGraw,Eloise

    Dorothy and her dog Toto experience amazing adventures as they journey to the Emerald City in search of the famous Wizard of Oz

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  • Princes Of The Apocalypse

    Wizards Rpg Team

    Abolish an Ancient Evil Threatening Devastation in this Adventure for the World's Greatest Roleplaying Game Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct...

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  • e-book

    Wizard Of Wisdom - Wisdom Chronicles - Book...

    Conner, Walter C.

    Wil has arrived at his sixty-fifth birthday after a directionless, purposeless, friendless lifetime. In the little village of Wisdom which sits close against the Old Forest, the last refuge of the elves before they departed this world many centuries...

  • Creative Haven Wizard Of Oz Designs Coloring...

    Noble, Marty

    Look behind the curtain for one of the most wonderful adult coloring books ever! You can bring Dorothy and all her friends -- and foes -- to life with beloved scenes inspired by the classic book as well as richly detailed repeat patterns, mandalas,...

  • Wizard Of Oz - Penguin Kids - Reader


    One day, a great storm takes Dorothy, and her dog Toto, to Oz. They have to follow the yellow brick road and find the Wizard of Oz to go home. Dorothy meets new friends; a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion. Can they help her find the Wizard, and go...

  • The Wizard of London


    Twelve-year-old Sarah Jane Lyon-White is sent The Harton School for Boys and Girls, a facility for training children with a powerful potential for magic, but Sarah's unique talents have made her the target of an Elemental Master who wants her dead.

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  • The Wizard of Seattle


    She looked like a ragged, storm-drenched urchin, but from the moment SerenaSmyth appeared on his Seattle doorstep, Richard Patrick Merlin recognized thespark behind her green eyes. Serena had crossed a country to find him, guidedby her determination...

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  • The Wizard of Seattle


    The Wizard of Seattle

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  • Wizard Of Oz Activity Book

    Schimmell, David

    Help Dorothy find the Scarecrow, count sheep with the Cowardly Lion, and watch out for flying monkeys! Thesespot-the-differences, mazes, counting games, word jumbles, and other puzzles feature all of the lovable characters from the classic novel by...

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  • Wizard Of Oz And Friends Stickers

    Stewart, Pat

    Wizard Of Oz And Friends Stickers

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  • Hoard Of The Dragon Queen: Tyranny Of Dragons

    Baur, Wolfgang

    In an audacious bid for power the Cult of the Dragon, along with its dragon allies and the Red Wizards of Thay, seek to bring Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells to Faerun. To this end, they are sweeping from town to town, laying waste to all...

  • Wizard Of Oz - Audio CD Included - Macmillan...


    Wizard Of Oz - Audio CD Included - Macmillan Readers

  • Time Of The Twins

    Hickman,Tracy; Weis,Margaret

    Sequestered in the blackness of the dreaded Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas, surrounded by nameless creatures of evil, Raistlin Majere weaves a plan to conquer the darkness--to bring it under his control.Crysania, a beautiful and devoted cleric of...

  • War Of The Twins

    Hickman,Tracy; Weis,Margaret

    One hundred years have passed since the fiery Cataclysm that changed the face of Krynn forever. For one hundred years, the people of Krynn have struggled to survive. But for some, those one hundred years have passed in the blink of an eye.Catapulted...

  • Dragons Of Summer Flame

    Hickman,Tracy; Williams,Michael; Weis,Margaret

    The War of the Lance is long over. The seasons come and go as the pendulum of the world swings. Now it is summer, a hot parched summer such as no one on Krynn has ever known. And an uneasy balance light and dark begins to shift. Distraught by a...

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  • Dragons Of Spring Dawning

    Hickman, Tracy; Weis,Margaret

    The war against the dragon minions of Queen Takhisis rages on. Armed with the mysterious, magical dragon orbs and the shining, silver dragonlance, the companions bring hope to the world. But now, in the dawn of a new day, the dark secrets that have...

  • Siege Of Darkness

    Salvatore, R. A.; Fields, Fred (con)

    Rising up from the black depths of the Underdark, the drow once more meet the dwarves of Mithral Hall. Bruenor Battlehammer, with Drizzt at his side, won't go down without a fight--but they'll have to fight without Wulfgar or Catti-brie at their...

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  • Sea Of Swords

    Salvatore, R A

    The mighty warhammer Aegis-fang has found its way into the hands of the wicked pirate captain Sheila Kree, and Wulfgar is hot on her trail. When Drizzt and his companions leave Mithral Hall in search of Wulfgar, they find themselves on the trail of...

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  • Legend Of Drizzt

    Salvatore, R A

    An outstanding value for Drizzt fans everywhere! A demonic artifact, hurled by an angel through the spaces between planes of existence to keep it out of the hands of a demon prince, has found its way to Faerun. There it corrupts a young wizard,...

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  • Streams Of Silver

    Salvatore, R. A.

    Drizzt Do'Urden struggles with his own inner voices, voices that call him back to the pitiless depths of the Underdark. But louder still are the voices of his newfound friends, and the dream that drives Bruenor Battlehammer on to reclaim Mithral...

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  • Dragons Of Autumn Twilight

    Hickman, Tracy; Weis, Margaret

    Lifelong friends, they went their separate ways. Now they are together again, though each holds secrets from the others in his heart. They speak of a world shadowed with rumors of war. They speak of tales of strange monsters, creatures of myth,...

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  • Test Of The Twins

    Hickman,Tracy; Weis,Margaret

    Defying the fate that claimed his evil predecessor, Raistlin opens the Portal to the Abyss and passes through. With Crysania at his side, he engages the Queen of Darkness in a battle for the ultimate prize--a seat among the gods.At the same time,...

  • Swords of Dragonfire

    Greenwood, Ed

    Swords of Dragonfire

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  • Realms of War

    Athans, Philip (edt)

    Realms of War

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  • Legend Of Drizzt - 04

    Salvatore, R A

    Though they've managed to save Wulfgar's body from captivity in the Abyss, Drizzt and his companions come to realize that a part of the barbarian's soul may have been left behind--but all they can do is let Wulfgar take his own path. And that path...

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  • Test Of Metal - A Planeswalker Novel

    Stover, Matthew

    The New York Times best-selling author Matthew Stover brings his razor-sharp prose and hard-hitting characterization to the Multiverse of Magic: The Gathering®. From the ashes of defeat, the planeswalker Tezzeret will rise again. Beaten to within an...

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  • Plague of Spells

    Cordell,Bruce R.

    Plague of Spells

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  • Servant Of The Shard

    Salvatore, R. A.

    Powerful assassin Artemis Entreri tightens his grip on the streets of Calimport, driven by the power of his hidden drow supporters. But his sponsor Jarlaxle grows ever more ambitious, and Entreri struggles to remain cautious and in control. Soon, the...

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  • Lord of the Rose


    In the years following the War of Souls, the once-powerful empire of Solamnia is threatened by intrigue and dark forces, and the kingdom's only hope lies in the mysterious Jaymes Markham, a fugitive with a price on his head who, aided by his dwarven...

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  • Road Of The Patriarch

    Salvatore, R. A.

    The drow mercenary Jarlaxle and his companion, the human assassin Artemis Entreri, have begun to make a home for themselves in the rugged Bloodstone Lands. But not everyone is ready to trust a man who's spent his life killing for coin, much less a...

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  • Ashes Of The Tyrant

    Evans, Erin M

    In a direct follow-up to her fourth book in the Brimstone Angels series, 'Fire in the Blood,' Erin M. Evans thrusts her signature character Farideh into a fast-paced murder mystery rife with political intrigue. In the wake of the war brought on by...

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  • Ashes Of The Tyrant

    Evans, Erin M

    In a direct follow-up to her fourth book in the Brimstone Angels series, Fire in the Blood, Erin M. Evans thrusts her signature character Farideh into a fast-paced murder mystery rife with political intrigue. In the wake of the war brought on by the...

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  • Promise Of The Witch-King

    Salvatore, R. A.

    It’s pages promised the power of the Witch-King himself.And now that it’s been found, even the fact that it kills anyone foolish enough to crack its cover won’t stop people from fighting over it.Welcome to the Bloodstone Lands!Human assassin Artemis...

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  • Vengeance Of The Iron Dwarf

    Salvatore, R A

    Bloody war rages across the Forgotten Realms world in the third book of the Companions Codex, the latest series in R.A. Salvatore's New York Times best-selling saga of dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden.In the evolving world of the Forgotten Realms setting,...

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  • Wizard Of Oz - Postcards


    Based on the illustrations from the original edition of L. Frank Baum's immortal children's fable, 12 color postcards capture the story's most memorable scenes: the tornado; Dorothy's first encounters with the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly...

  • Dragons of the Dwarven Depths: The Lost...

    Hickman,Tracy; Weis,Margaret

    Dragons of the Dwarven Depths: The Lost Chronicles, Volume 1

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  • Rise Of The King - Companions Codex, II

    Salvatore, R A

    In the second book of the Companions Codex, the latest series in the New York Times best-selling saga of dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden, R.A. Salvatore picks up with the fan-favorite storyline of dwarf king Bruenor Battlehammer and his bloody feud with the...

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  • audio livro

    Wizard of Whiskey


    The hedonist discussion of wine, spirits food and beer

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
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