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  • e-book

    Woodworking For Dummies

    Strong, Jeff

    You've seen a few shows on TV, and working with wood looks like it could be quite entertaining and rewarding. After all, you get to create something that you can proudly display to your friends and family. But where and how do you begin to move from...

  • Homebuilding And Woodworking In Colonial...

    Wilbur,C. Keith

    Describes tools, hardware, and techniques used by colonial carpenters to build houses

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  • Woodworking

    LANDAUER CORPORATION (NA); Johanson,Mark; Anderson,Steve


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  • Designing Furniture

    Fine Woodworking

    Designing Furniture

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  • The Best of Fine Woodworking


    Intended for individuals with advanced woodworking skills, this volume provides plans for traditional furniture projects

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  • Small Woodworking Shops

    Fine Woodworking

    Small Woodworking Shops

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  • e-book

    Handmade Furniture - 21 Classic Woodworking...

    Rafael Nathan

    For a woodworker, there'apos;s nothing more satisfying than building a project that adds beauty and function to a busy home: the stunning cutting board used every night in the kitchen, the elegant and helpful end-table next to the bed, or the...

  • Fine Woodworking Best Workbenches

    Fine Woodworking Editors

    Is it possible to create the perfect workbench? The answer is yes, with Fine Woodworking Best Workbenches, a collection of the best articles on the subject from Americas premier woodworking magazine. Filled with focused advice on how to choose and...

  • Easy Mission-style Woodworking Projects

    Worst,Edward Francis

    Easy Mission-style Woodworking Projects

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  • Working With Routers

    Fine Woodworking

    Working With Routers

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  • e-book

    A Little Book of Woodworking Joints -...


    Contained within this antique book is a simple and concise guide to some of the most useful and simple joining methods used in woodworking. A great guide for beginners, this text includes a wealth of detailed diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions,...

  • Fine Woodworking Design Book Eight - Original...


    Fine Woodworking Design Book Eight - Original Furniture From the World's Finest Craftsmen

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  • e-book

    Woodworking on the Farm - With Information on...


    This antiquarian text contains a introductory guide to woodworking on the farm, with information on trees and lumber, tools, sawing, framing, and various other aspects of farm carpentry. Complete with simple step-by step instructions, helpful tips,...

  • e-book

    Woodworking and Furniture Repair - Repairs...

    United States. Army

    TM 5-613 Woodworking And Furniture Repair - Repairs And Utilities, 1946-06-01 CONTENTS Paragraphs Page CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION 1-2 1 CHAPTER 2. WOOD 3-8 2 CHAPTER 3. FURNITURE CONSTRUCTION 9-10 10 CHAPTER 4. WOODWORKING! MACHINERY 64 Section I....

  • Practical Furniture Design

    Fine Homebuilding (edt); Fine Woodworking (edt)

    Practical Furniture Design

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  • e-book

    Machine Woodworking

    Rudkin, Nick

    'apos;Machine Woodworking'apos; provides students with all the basic information needed to reach NVQ level II in wood machining. It covers calculations, timber science, and all the relevant machines, and is completed by five simple workshop projects...

  • e-book

    Prehistoric Woodworking - The Analysis and...

    Rob Sands

    Rob Sands explores the evidence left by the use of axes on wooden beams and tools found in waterlogged archaeological sites dating over 2000 years old. A toolmark can not only inform the archaeologist about the implement used, but also provides...

  • Traditional Projects

    Fine Woodworking

    Traditional Projects

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  • Working With Power Tools

    Fine Woodworking (cor)

    Working With Power Tools

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  • Designing And Building Chairs

    Fine Woodworking (edt)

    Designing And Building Chairs

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  • Machine And Hand Joinery

    Fine Woodworking (edt)

    Machine And Hand Joinery

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  • Working With Tablesaws

    Fine Woodworking

    The Editors of Fine Woodworking Magazine show readers how to get the most out of their table saws, presenting twenty-six articles written by experts in the field. Original.

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  • e-book

    Manual of Purpose-Made Woodworking Joinery

    Goring, Les

    A practical introduction to woodworking and purpose-made joinery, this book starts with the basics of interpreting drawings and works right the way through to designing and making stairs. Les Goring introduces each chapter with a brief historical...

  • e-book

    Manual of Purpose-Made Woodworking Joinery

    Goring, Les

    A practical introduction to woodworking and purpose-made joinery, this book starts with the basics of interpreting drawings and works right the way through to designing and making stairs. Les Goring introduces each chapter with a brief historical...

  • Bemrose On Traditional Woodworking: Carving,...


    Bemrose On Traditional Woodworking: Carving, Fretwork, Buhl Work And Marquetry

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  • Working With Handplanes

    Fine Woodworking

    A collection of articles about using handplanes features step-by-step instructions for completing a wide range of woodworking projects while presenting the basics of handplane use. Original.

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  • e-book

    Sawdust and Soul - A Conversation about...

    Gruchy, John W. De; William J. Everett

    An American ethicist and a South African theologian reflect on their work with wood and how it has helped them find creativity and meaning in experiences of both loss and transformation. Through their friendship, correspondence, and work together...

  • e-book

    The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Woodworking...

    Icon Group International,Inc.

    This econometric study covers the world outlook for woodworking routers across more than 200 countries. For each year reported, estimates are given for the latent demand, or potential industry earnings (P.I.E.), for the country in question (in...

  • Woodworking For Beginners

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Woodworking For Beginners

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  • The Woodworking Manual

    Distal USA

    The Woodworking Manual

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  • The Complete Book Of Woodworking

    Carpenter, Tom (drt); Karlen, Ralph (pht); Marshall, Chris (edt)

    The Complete Book Of Woodworking

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  • Machine Woodworking


    Machine Woodworking

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