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  • Word 2010 Avançado - Textos Para Estudantes e...

    Andrade,Denise de Fátima

    O Word 2010 é o editor de texto da Microsoft. Ele pode ser utilizado no desenvolvimento de documentos que envolvam textos, imagens, tabelas, organogramas e qualquer tipo de informação que possa ser impressa ou mesmo enviada via Internet. O livro Word...

  • e-book

    Word Problems With Money

    Portia Summers

    With full-color photos and simple, engaging language, this book introduces young readers to word problems involving money, helping them learn the skills needed to handle money on a daily basis. Words to Know help students learn new vocabulary and...

  • e-book

    Word After Word After Word


    An inspirational short novel for young readers about the power of writing by Newbery Medal–winning author Patricia MacLachlan.Every school day feels the same for fourth graders Lucy and Henry and Evie and Russell and May. Then Ms. Mirabel comes to...

  • e-book

    Word Play with Mrs Malaprop of Dogberry

    Raymond Leggott

    Having fun with words is an essential part of learning and grasping the English language. This book is a fun way to play with words and get children thinking about how we use them.

  • e-book

    Word Family Stories, Grades 1 - 2 - 31...


    Facilitate a love of language in students in grades 1-2 using Word Family Stories! This 64-page book improves phonics skills, phonological awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension with 31 fun, easy-to-decode word family stories.

  • Word para Quem Conhece Word - Col. Você S.a.


    ´Word para quem conhece Word´ nasceu da experiência do autor em eventos de treinamento, e amplia com muita adequação e criatividade o leque de possibilidades para quem já tem certa convivência com o programa. Entre outras coisas, mostra como editar...

  • Word Para Idades Avançadas - Versão 2010

    Nisti,Geraldo Belluomini

    Neste livro o leitor encontrará, principalmente, uma forma prática e fácil de operar o aplicativo Ms-Office Word 2010, sem palavras difíceis ou termos técnicos avançados. Os assuntos abordados referem-se aos principais itens no uso na montagem desde...

  • e-book

    The Word Eater


    Lerner Chanse, a new student at Cleveland Park Middle School, finds a worm that magically makes things disappear, and she hopes it will help her fit in, or get revenge, at her hated school.

  • e-book

    Word 2010 para iniciantes

    Rubie José Giordani

    Este livro começa com um pequeno histórico das versões do Word e explica o passo a passo para usar muitas ferramentas importantes do editor de textos.Através deste material, além do básico, você aprenderá a criar um sumário, uma lista de figuras, uma...

  • e-book

    Word 2010 Para Iniciantes

    Rubie José Giordani

    Neste livro-curso, você verá um pequeno histórico das versões do Word, aprenderá a criar um sumário, uma lista de figuras, uma mala direta, inserir numeração de páginas a partir de determinada página e muitos outros recursos importantes do editor de...

  • e-book

    Sight Word Readers Teaching Guide

    Beech,Linda Ward

    Packed with strategies, activities, assessment forms, write-and-learn practice pages, reproducible flashcards and 25 mini storybooks!

  • e-book

    600 Word Short Story - Charley

    Lynn Starr

    A very short story designed for the 3-6 year old age group, or younger. The story is about a myopic kitten named Charley and his adventures.

  • e-book

    A Word in Your Ear

    Tony Ross

    A collection of creative stories from the imagination of Tony Ross.Inspired by memories from his wartime childhood and throughout his eventful life, Tony Ross'apos;s short stories are full of curious places and mysterious characters. Each story is...

  • e-book

    The Magic Word

    Cannon, Sherrill S.

    Synopsis:The Magic Word is one that everyone needs to learn. 'Elisabeth Keys never said thank you, excuse me or please. She made fun of people, she'd argue and tease. She took what she wanted whenever she could, Elisabeth's manners were not very...

  • e-book

    Italian Picture Word Book

    Steadman,Barbara; Cirker,Hayward

    Delightful learning aid contains 15 scenes of home, school, farm, beach, other environments with dozens of objects labeled in Italian.

  • e-book

    Mind-Boggling Word Puzzles


    A famous puzzlemeister presents 103 perplexing brainteasers, anagrams, and rebus and logic puzzles. There are clues — and humor — in the 69 whimsical illustrations, plus solutions for anyone who gets stumped.

  • e-book

    German Picture Word Book

    Steadman,Barbara; Cirker,Hayward

    Delightful learning aid contains 15 scenes of home, school, farm, beach, and other environments. Each scene contains dozens of objects, people, animals, and other features labeled in German. Ideal for coloring. Word list with English translations.

  • e-book

    Amazing Bible Word Searches for Kids

    Spiering,Richard; Spiering,Ruth

    Authors Richard and Ruth Spiering, seasoned homeschool and Sunday school teachers, fill this activity book with fun and creative word searches that encourage kids, ages 8 to 12, to go to the Bible for the answers. Kids will discover incredible facts...

  • e-book

    A Seven-Letter Word

    Kim Slater

    'apos;My name is Finlay McIntosh. I can see OK, can hear perfectly fine and I can write really, really well. But the thing is, I can'apos;t speak. I'apos;m a st-st-st-stutterer. Hilarious, isn'apos;t it? It'apos;s like the word is there in my mouth,...

  • e-book

    The S Word - A Boy'apos;s Guide to Sex,...


    OK, here’s a very short pop quiz. No cheating, no talking. Question 1. Boys think about sex: a.when they’re awake b.when they’re asleep c.when they’re half awake and half asleep d.all of the above Growing up is tough, especially the...

  • e-book

    The S Word - A Boy'apos;s Guide to Sex,...


    OK, here’s a very short pop quiz. No cheating, no talking. Question 1. Boys think about sex: a.when they’re awake b.when they’re asleep c.when they’re half awake and half asleep d.all of the above Growing up is tough, especially the...

  • e-book

    Yaks Yak - Animal Word Pairs

    Park,Linda Sue

    In a funny and informative picture book, Newbery medalist Linda Sue Park and artist Jennifer Black Reinhardt roll out an entertaining survey of animals whose names are also verbs—in scenes where yaks yak, slugs slug slugs, rams ram, and kids kid. 

  • e-book

    Baj and the Word Launcher - Space Age...


    In many ways Baj is like any other kid, but he has trouble keeping eye contact, waiting his turn in conversation and understanding instructions. Will Baj ever get good at working out how other people feel and why? This entertaining adventure story...

  • e-book

    Bob Books Set 3 - Word Families

    Maslen,Bobby Lynn

    Bob Books Set 3 adds something new for young readers. Consonant blends gently introduce new concepts to the progressing reader. Consistent vowel sounds and lots of three-letter-word practice mean your child continues to enjoy reading success.In...

  • e-book

    The Power of the Word Called Peace


    The little people go on a quest over the seas to find their land of peace and arrive on the Island of the Double Volcano. Soon humans appear and begin to battle over ownership of the land, animals and Turtles for food. The little people must now...

  • e-book

    Laws Of Magic 3 - Word Of Honour


    Sinister plots, schemes within schemes, magical upheavals and a world to save from war. Aubrey goes looking for trouble - and finds it, as always. Magical genius Aubrey Fitzwilliam, along with his loyal friend George, is trying to immerse himself in...

  • e-book

    Ellie'apos;s First Word - La Primera Palabra...

    Carlton Morrison; TJ Norris

    Ellie's First Word is loosely based on the true story of a friendly competition that Norris and her husband enjoyed while encouraging their daughter to speak. Your child will delight in this whimsical guessing game to discover which word baby Ellie...

  • e-book

    Don'apos;t Breathe A Word


    Award-winning author Marianne Musgrove brings her light touch to a story of family, growing up and keeping secrets that is nailbiting and heartwarming in equal measure. 'apos;I, Mackenzie Elizabeth Carew, do solemnly swear never to communicate...

  • e-book


    Corene Poole

    Have you ever wanted to run away? Feeling hurt, lonely, or excluded? Would anyone even miss you? There is someone who would miss you very much...So much, that He would come and find you.

  • e-book

    Let's Learn Hawaiian: A Word-Picture Book


    Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii! Travel through the pages of this very charming word-and picture storybook.The many attractively arranged illustrations will have special appeal for children. The words here are simple ones we might use everyday. There is...

  • e-book

    Finding Home


    Arly Graber didn't run away from home. Home ran away from her.Fifteen-year-old Arly is accustomed to her mother's occasional absences, brought about by her addictive lifestyle. This time, however, her mother doesn't return, leaving Arly without a...

  • e-book

    Sadu R

    Cliff Spence

    Ever since she was born, Sadu R has found the world to be a big scary place. As a timid and shy little girl, she has trouble making friends. The adult's in her life try to speak God's comfort to her and help her to break out of her shell. Follow this...

  • e-book

    Tadeo Turtle


    Tadeo (TAHD-ay-OH) Turtle longs to be different. Through an adventure find out how Tadeo learns to accept how God created him. About the Author: During retirement, Janis (a retired elementary schoolteacher) has learned to love writing and painting....

  • e-book

    Dragon Knight


    Cor the dragon has a problem; he's bored. As a way of amusing himself, he convinces his princess, Espreta, to help him become a knight. No sooner than he does his first heroic deed, Cor is sent by his fellow dragons to rid them of a dragon's bane...

  • e-book

    Huldah - Prophetess

    Sharon Dow

    A young girl has frightening dreams and visions. An innocent baby dies. A wicked king lashes out in anger and hatred, dispensing a vile revenge on the people of Jerusalem. Blood runs in the streets. Rogue priests plot evil deeds.A long line of wicked...

  • e-book

    Candy Maniac


    Everyone loves candy, but too much of it can be a very bad thing! Kevin, the caring owner of the first candy store in Fruit City, knows this all too well. Learn what happens when he and the mayor change the name of their city twice and save the...

  • e-book

    Breaking Enchantments

    K. M. Wray

    Erin'apos;s Korean relatives are immigrating to Canada. She doesn'apos;t understand them or the language they speak, and she doesn'apos;t want to. Her anxiety over their arrival sparks bitter memories and sends her into a tailspin of emotions. The...

  • e-book

    Bug Town

    White,Fredrika Vander Graaf

    You have to look hard in your garden to find Bug Town, but when you do you can hardly look away! This town is one busy little place, filled with bugs of every color, shape and size doing all sorts of interesting things. Five friends in this town love...

  • e-book

    Money Maniac


    What would you do if you had a money tree growing in your back yard? The Loonie family love the money that grows on their money tree so much, they become known as Money Maniacs. Find out what happens to their money tree, and learn how to use money...

  • e-book

    Toy Maniac


    Meshach, Mateo, Malachi and their sister Melanie love to play with their toys! But what happens when they have so many that there is a mountain of toys in the basement? Will they fill the whole house? Find out how four siblings learn to share with...

  • e-book

    The Skateboard

    Debora Lingwood

    SynopsisThe future for seven-year-old Daniel does not look bright until a gift from another seven-year-old boy, Connor, changes his life forever. Based on the lesson of sowing and reaping from 2 Corinthians 9:6, read how the 2 boys' lives are woven...

  • e-book

    Sunbeam Music

    Sarah Froese

    Friendship, music and triumph over fears...Jenny and Veronica experience all of these things in Sunbeam Music. When the girls sign up to sing in the school talent show, an unexpected thing happens. The two friends are faced with a tough decision-and...

  • e-book

    Tabitha Teapot

    Ramona Lusch Johnson

    'quot;Tabitha Teapot is a delightful story that speaks to the hearts of young and old. With intriguing characters like Tabitha Teapot and Willie Whistler, readers are reminded we can all be used in some way to brighten each other'apos;s days. Based...

  • e-book

    Yellow Feather


    Traveling with a native tribe is definitely a privilege. It's a great educational experience, too. One can learn so many different ways to survive outdoors comfortably, watching the way they do things in a different way than others do. The way they...

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