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  • World War II The Definitive Visual Guide




    The definitive visual history of the people, politics and events of the epic conflict that shaped the modern world, World War II From the build-up of hostility in the years leading up to the war, through to the reverberations still felt in the...

  • Eyewitness To World War II

    Hyslop, Stephen

    Eyewitness to World War II brings you closer than ever before to the greatest challenge a generation of Americans had ever faced. The unforgettable story of World War II is told through the words of those who lived it--both on the battlefield and the...

  • World War II Posters - 16 Art Stickers


    World War II Posters - 16 Art Stickers

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  • World War II Dioramas


    World War II Dioramas

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  • World War II

    Robin Cross

    A compelling and powerful global account of the Second World War in all its brutal intensity, now in paperback Evoking the epic scale of combat and its appalling impact across the globe, World War II is a unique telling of the Second World...

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  • The London Cage - The Secret History Of...


    The first complete account of the fiercely guarded secrets of London's clandestine interrogation center, operated by the British Secret Service from 1940 to 1948 Behind the locked doors of three mansions in London's exclusive Kensington Palace...

  • The Secret History Of World War II - Spies,...


    From top secret spy missions to recently declassified WWII documents, this richly illustrated account of the covert espionage operations of World War II takes readers behind the battle lines and into the undercover war effort. Includes recently...

  • Killing Patton - The Strange Death Of World...

    Dugard,Martin; O'Reilly,Bill

    Readers around the world have been enthralled by Killing England, Killing the Rising Sun, and Killing Reagan--riveting works of nonfiction that journey into the heart of the most famous murders in history. In Killing Patton, Bill O'Reilly and Martin...

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  • World War II Behind Closed Doors


    In this revelatory chronicle of World War II, Laurence Rees documents the dramatic and secret deals that helped make the war possible and prompted some of the most crucial decisions made during the conflict. Drawing on material available only since...

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  • Spearhead - The World War II Odyssey Of An...


    From the bestselling author of A Higher Call comes the untold story of a World War II tank company fighting from Normandy to the Rhine, where a humble gunner would meet destiny in an iconic duel. Clarence Smoyer began the war as a gentle giant, a...

  • World War II 365 Days

    Wagner,Margaret E.; Kennedy,David M.

    Drawn from the collections of the Library of Congress, 'World War II 365 Days' is a compilation of riveting text and more than 500 images. Photographs, lithographs, political cartoons, maps, on-the-scene combat art, and other visual materials from...

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  • World War II - The Encyclopedia Of The War...


    This authoritative and comprehensive survey features over 2,400 entries. Subjects range from battles, soldiers, and military activities to politics, culture, and the Holocaust. Enlivened by 85 illustrations, its panoramic perspective encompasses...

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  • World War II

    Brinkley,Douglas; Brinkley, Douglas

    A collection of fifty key documents on the movements of Axis forces throughout Europe and the Pacific includes the text of the Atlantic Charter, FDR's cables to Japan in the hours before the Pearl Harbor attacks, and Edward R. Murrow's radio...

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  • World War II

    Rubel,David; Brinkley,Douglas; Brinkley, Douglas

    A collection of fifty key documents on the movements of Axis forces throughout Europe and in the Pacific includes Winston Churchill's Blood and Toil speech, the text of the Atlantic Charter, FDR's cables to Japan in the hours before the Pearl Harbor...

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  • World War II


    World War II

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  • World War II

    Sulzberger,C. L.

    An illustrated, eyewitness history of World War II, from Hitler's rise to power to Hiroshima

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  • Victory City - A History Of New York And New...


    From John Strausbaugh, author of City of Sedition and The Village, comes the definitive history of Gotham during the World War II era. New York City during World War II wasn't just a place of servicemen, politicians, heroes, G.I. Joes and Rosie the...

  • Dangerous Liaisons - Collaboration And World...


    The Nazi regime in Germany was terrible enough without even accounting for the policy of collaboration. So what extra does collaboration say about Hitler and his plans for Europe? Peter Davies explores the mindset and political attitudes of Hitler...

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  • Douglas TBD Devastator - America's First...


    The Douglas Devastator was the US Navy's first all-metal combat aircraft, the Navy's first airplane with a fully enclosed cockpit, the first aircraft to have hydraulically folding wings, and the first US Navy torpedo bomber to see combat. Although...

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  • French Colonial Soldiers In German Captivity...


    This book discusses the experience of nearly 100,000 French colonial prisoners of war captured by Nazi Germany during World War II. Raffael Scheck shows that the German treatment of French colonial soldiers improved dramatically after initial abuses,...

  • Tin Can Titans - The Heroic Men And Ships Of...


    An epic narrative of World War II naval action that brings to life the sailors and exploits of the war's most decorated destroyer squadron When Admiral William Halsey selected Destroyer Squadron 21 (Desron 21) to lead his victorious ships into Tokyo...

  • Code Girls - The Untold Story Of The American...


    The award-winning national bestseller about the American women who secretly served as codebreakers during World War II--a 'prodigiously researched and engrossing' (New York Times) book that 'shines a light on a hidden chapter of American history'...

  • The First Wave - The D-Day Warriors Who Led...


    The New York Times bestselling author of The Liberator and Avenue of Spies returns with a thrilling, action-heavy account of D-Day combat. Beginning in the predawn darkness of June 6, 1944, The First Wave follows ten men attempting to carry out...

  • Wings Of The Rising Sun - Uncovering The...


    In the Pacific War's early years, Japanese air power was dominant. The only way for the Allies to defeat their enemy was to know it. This made the task of maintaining productive intelligence gathering efforts on Japan imperative. Establishing...

  • D-Day Girls - The Untold Story Of The Female...


    The dramatic, inspiring story of the extraordinary women recruited by Britain's elite spy agency to sabotage the Nazis, shore up the Resistance, and pave the way for Allied victory in World War II

  • Smoky The Brave - How A Feisty Yorkshire...


    From acclaimed thriller and war dog writer Damien Lewis comes the story of Smoky, the smallest and arguably bravest dog of World War II, who served as the US military's first therapy dog Smoky the Brave is the extraordinary, touching, and true story...

  • German Secret Weapons Of World War II -

    Hogg, Ian V.; Hogg,Ian V

    Hitler s regime was notorious for its many experiments and its various secret ploys, weapons, and technological developments. But typically, the term secret German weapons only turns up images of the V-1 and V-2 missiles that played a part in bombing...

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  • Life: World War II


    Culled from the pages of Life magazine, these spectacular images from World War II cover the events, battles, and personalities of the war, from the German blitzkrieg in Europe to the Japanese surrender in the Pacific. Reprint.

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  • West Point History Of World War II Vol. 2

    United States Military Academy

    The definitive, must-have military history of World War II spanning 1942 until the end of the war packed with the same expert analysis, exclusive tactical maps, unique graphics, and historical images used by The United States Military Academy at West...

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  • Memory And World War II


    Memory And World War II

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  • Memories of World War II

    Tunney,Kelly Smith; Dole,Bob; Cronkite,Walter; Dole, Bob; Bertini,Ann G.; Zoeller,Chuck; Himmel,Eric; Cronkite, Walter

    Presents a collection of photographs taken by reporters and photographers who covered World War II for the Associated Press, arranged sequentially to relate the history of the war from early planning operations to V-E Day celebrations.

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  • Connecticut In World War II


    With the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan on December 7, 1941, and the United States' entry into World War II, our nation turned to Connecticut--as it did during World War I--for munitions, clothing, and other goods. And Connecticut...

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  • Taste Of War - World War II And The Battle...


    A New York Times Notable Book of 2012 Food, and in particular the lack of it, was central to the experience of World War II. In this richly detailed and engaging history, Lizzie Collingham establishes how control of food and its production is crucial...

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  • Pictorial History Of World War II


    Pictorial History Of World War II

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  • Disciples - The World War II Missions Of The...


    A fantastic book, one of the very finest accounts of wartime spookery...a hell of a good tale. 'The Wall Street Journal' The author of the critically acclaimed bestseller 'Wild Bill Donovan,' tells the story of four OSS warriors of World War II. All...

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  • Deceptions Of World War II

    Breuer,William B

    Critical acclaim for William B. Breuer''A first-class historian.''-The Wall Street JournalTop Secret Tales of World War II''A book for rainy days and long solitary nights by the fire. If there were a genre for cozy nonfiction, this would be the...

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  • Rangers in World War II

    Black,Robert W.

    Information culled from first-person interviews and in-depth research provide a look at the Ranger Battalions that fought during World War II, describing their experiences from the shores of Africa and Italy to Omaha Beach at Normandy. Reprint.

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  • West Point History Of World War Ii, Volume 1

    ; United States Military Academy; United States Military Academy,The

    An outstanding new military history of the first half of World War II, featuring a rich array of images, exclusive graphics, superb new maps, and expert analysis commissioned by the United States Military Academy to teach the art of war to West Point...

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  • Into The Rising Sun - World War Ii's Pacific...

    O'Donnell,Patrick K

    In his award-winning book 'Beyond Valor, 'Patrick O'Donnell reveals the true nature of the European Theater in World War II, as told by those who survived. Now, with 'Into the Rising Sun, 'O'Donnell tells the story of the brutal Pacific War, based on...

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  • Reporting War - How Foreign Correspondents...


    Luminary journalists Ed Murrow, Martha Gellhorn, Walter Cronkite, and Clare Hollingworth were among the young reporters who chronicled World War II's daily horrors and triumphs for Western readers. In this fascinating book, Ray Moseley, himself a...

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  • Picture History Of World War II American...


    One of the greatest industrial feats of World War II -- indeed of all time -- was the massive production of military aircraft by American manufacturers. America's sudden entry into the war required its typically small aircraft 'job shops' to convert...

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  • Love Stories of World War II

    King,Larry; King,Larry

    Drawing on his original interviews, the Emmy-winning host of Larry King Live shares the heartwarming stories of fifty couples who met and fell in love during World War II, offering a poignant view of the personal side of the wartime experience and...

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  • The Us Army In World War II (1)

    Chappell,Mike; Henry,Mark R.

    The Us Army In World War II (1)

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  • Slavery By Another Name - The Re-enslavement...

    Blackmon,Douglas A.

    In this groundbreaking historical expose, Douglas A. Blackmon brings to light one of the most shameful chapters in American history—an “Age of Neoslavery” that thrived from the aftermath of the Civil War through the dawn of World War II.Using a vast...

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